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Do you want to get more out of your training and peak for a competition?

You can now train your body to cope with altitude up to 8000m from the comfort of your home. Affordable simulated altitude training for you around your current training schedule, ensuring you reach your peak and achieve your goals.

You can now improve your stamina, recovery and endurance as well as speed up injury recovery through our bespoke sessions.

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Your performance will benefit from:

  • Increased VO2max
  • Quicker recovery times during and after exercise
  • Maintain cardiovascular fitness whilst injured and faster injury recovery
  • Improve stamina and endurance
  • Sessions easily incorporated into your current training regime

The Facts:

Altitude training has been used by athletes to improve their performance for years. Now, this proven training method is affordable, easy to use, and highly effective from the comfort of your own home. Click here and see how AcclimatiseMe can provide bespoke simulated altitude training just for you!

The air you breathe at sea level contains 21% oxygen, far more than your body needs to survive. Therefore, it becomes inefficient with its use of oxygen.

How often when you are training do your muscles fatigue?

Answer... a lot more than your lungs stopping you exercising indicating you are taking enough oxygen onboard, your body just isn’t supplying it to where you need it quick enough.

However, you can now train your body to work at 7% oxygen, improving oxygen efficiency by increasing the impact of the red blood cells (oxygen carriers) and the uptake of the oxygen into the cell. If your body only needs 7% oxygen, at 21% oxygen (sea level) you have 2/3s of oxygen from every breath for your body to use for energy to improve stamina and endurance.

Then, after your session you also have more oxygen available to recover quicker, so you are ready to go again.

Better recovery between rounds, improved fitness levels and the best training of my life.

Jez Wilson, Professional Boxer

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