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AcclimatiseMe provides safe and proven high altitude training, delivered to you in the comfort of your own home. Our home altitude training product can take you to equivalent heights as the Mount Everest summit, all from your living room. Match this product with our quality and bespoke service and you can see why we have a 100% summit success rate!!

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Advances in science and technology have allowed us to produce adaptive programmes to push you as hard as you can go, depending on how your body copes with the altitude it will automatically give you more or less oxygen.

As the sessions go on you will be able to see your development and improvement as the oxygen levels drop and your bodies ability to cope with it increases.

The Process

  • You click Get A Free Quote
  • We will
    • Work out your optimal acclimatisation period
    • Deliver the pod to your house
    • Train you how to use it and answer any questions
  • You Reach Your Peak!

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The Science

  • Advances in science and technology have allowed us to produce adaptive high altitude training programmes to push you to your personal limit. See us as your altitude personal trainer, providing you with a bespoke course and ensuring you reach your peak.
  • There are a few key features to understand how this system works with your body to acclimatise.
    • Adaptive:
      • We can’t emphasise this point enough. Everyone would suffer from altitude sickness symptoms (AMS) at some point if climbing high enough, some people would be affected at 3000m and others not until 8000m, or in fact anywhere in between.
      • However, it is also important to note that we all have the capacity to acclimatise and cope with any altitude, given that our body will adapt with time. Unfortunately, clambering to the top of Mount Everest and sitting there for a few weeks is pretty dangerous. Breathing the equivalent air to this in your own living room whilst being constantly monitored though is much safer.
    • Monitoring:
      • SpO2 – Oxygen saturation in the blood. At the start of a session you’d expect this to be 97-100%, as you have access to more oxygen than your body requires.
      • O2 – The oxygen content being pumped through the mask. This will vary during the session depending on how your body copes with the altitude. (Sea level = 21%, Kilimanjaro = 10%)
      • Heart Rate – How many times per minute your heart is beating. You would expect this to increase as your SpO2 decreases, as your heart tries to pump more oxygen around the body.
    • The Body:
      • As you breathe in less oxygen through the mask, you will see your SpO2 drop, as there is less oxygen available to your body. This drop in SpO2 triggers a hormone release, stimulating red blood cell and haemoglobin production.
      • The production of red blood cells and haemoglobin is an adaptation by your body to ensure oxygen is more efficiently used, ensuring it can cope with these drops in oxygen level.
      • The production and formation of these takes 8-12 days and is vital that you are exposed to altitude every day during this process to maximise their efficiency.

All you have to do is get in touch below and our team will do the rest!

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Once you have been in touch our team will answer any questions you have and find out more about your specific needs and goals. Once we have organised your bespoke course, our team will drop the AcclimatiseMe pod off at your desired destination and train you up on the pod to ensure you get the most out of your sessions. We will then regularly be in touch during your course to ensure your are progressing on track to achieve your goals.

Your Course:
  • All of our courses are bespoke to you, so your needs will be discussed over the phone
  • Our team will then recommend the perfect course for your needs
  • Each person will be supplied with a pack including information on how to make the most of AcclimatiseMe, top tips to achieving whilst at altitude and your personal mask.