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AcclimatiseMe provides the most innovative and effective home altitude training in the UK. We can simulate altitude equivalent to the top of Mount Everest and can boast a 100% summit success rate. So, whether you’re heading to Kilimanjaro, Everest, Elbrus or Aconcagua let us acclimatise you from your very own living room.

Do you want your body to acclimatise to 8000m before you travel to altitude?

Kilimanjaro stands at 5896m with less than half of the oxygen available at sea level. This goes someway to explain the 50% failure rate of trekkers attempting to reach the roof of Africa. Click here to see how the pod works.

Why do so many people fail?

The answer is simple...ALTITUDE SICKNESS. You have prepared all your equipment and you have walked in the hills to prepare your legs, but have you prepared your lungs and body? Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes to altitude sickness prevention your body has to take the time to acclimatise. The most effective way for high altitude preparation is home altitude training.

How do we achieve our 100% summit success rate?

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  • We will
    • Work out your optimal acclimatisation period
    • Deliver the pod to your house
    • Train you how to use it and answer any questions
  • You Reach Your Peak!

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of learning from others failures, preparation and hard work.

You have booked your once in a lifetime trip to altitude, you will do anything to succeed......but there is one nagging fear in the back of your mind, ALTITUDE SICKNESS! Preparing for altitude is vital for success and is exactly what we specialise in here at AcclimatiseMe, preparing you for altitude from the comfort of your own home! Why fear altitude sickness? Altitude sickness alone is the reason for such a high failure rate in people trying to summit Kilimanjaro.

AcclimatiseMe 100% Success rate

I recently climbed Kilimanjaro and as part of my training I used AcclimatiseMe to help with acclimatisation. On the mountain I did not have any altitude symptoms, just enjoyed the climb.
Using AcclimatiseMe was straight forward and I could see the benefits as I progressed with the programme. A welcome side effect was a great night sleep.

Derek Bickerstaff MD FRCS FRCSEd FFSEM (UK)
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Managing Director One Health Group

You have no reason to fear altitude sickness anymore! AcclimatiseMe... preparing you for altitude, equipping you for the journey and providing you with bespoke altitude training for your trip. Click here to receive your free quote!


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