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"I am a GP and yes, I would have liked to see lots of published research. However, this is a new product - extensive research will take time. I tried it and it worked for me, higher energy levels, better concentration and better sleep at night. In time, I hope that the research to satisfy the sternest critic will be done. In the meantime, I can say its definitely worth a try!"

Maurice Mann (GP)

"When AcclimatiseMe came to Greens I was sceptical to say the least, but having bought a course I found that it REALLY WORKS!! Being a personal trainer and teaching classes all day everyday I have noticed a vast improvement in my energy levels and muscle recovery, so I am ready to go again day in, day out. As for my sleep, it is the best it has ever been, waking up in the morning has been easier than it has for ages. I would definitely recommend it for anyone wanting a training jumpstart, improve their energy levels or their sleep"

James Bettles (Personal Trainer)

"To be honest, I thought the ‘AcclimatiseMe” concept was a waste of money and just another fad of the age... I was wrong. The transformation to my sleep both in quality and quantity was phenomenal, the positive effect on my training is like nothing I have ever experienced. I stand corrected and endorse this product 100%"

Ed Warren (Personal Trainer)